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Once your application is approved, the next step in a recruitment process is the interview. This is a necessary step to get a job and sometimes fraught with pitfalls … Here are some tips to help you prepare as well as possible!


An interview is a meeting. It is not an interrogation but a conversation. It is for the recruiter to verify that you are able to do the job and to integrate you into the team but also for you to verify that the position and the company are suitable for you. It goes both ways.

The average duration of a job interview is 30 to 60 minutes

An interview can be a source of stress for various reasons: it is your first interview, this position represents an evolution for your career, it is the company of your dreams or any other reason. However, our first tip is to have confidence in yourself! If you are received for an interview, it is because your application has received positive attention. The person in charge of the recruitment thinks you are capable of doing the work otherwise they would not have offered you an interview. Be careful, this does not mean that we must go into the opposite excess: pretension is rarely rewarded. 


Like before a big game, you need to prepare. There is no question of improvising, because it risks ending in fiasco. Before the interview, find out about the company and its projects, the position and the person who will receive you for an interview. Yes, you have the right to go look at his Linkedin profile. However make sure that your profile is flawless. Don’t worry if you are missing any information, it will provide you with great interview questions to ask and having questions is a good thing! Last essential point, remember to print your documents and bring with you your CV and your portfolio.

79% of candidates who have been interviewed ...and have never had a return! *

Every interview is different, and there is no recipe to apply. You have to adapt to the person in front of you. Have a structure to how you present your experience. Now is not the time to read your CV, nor the time to take out the photo of your children hidden in your wallet. Stay on point, have a clear path, emphasize the experiences related to the position and pass on the others. You should be able to summarise your experience in a few minutes. Again, this is not about improvising. Our advice? Practice, conduct mock interviews with a parent, teacher or any other volunteer in your inner circle. Know that in general an interview succeeds when there is a correspondence between your profile and the structure. The important thing is therefore to determine what you want and what direction you will give to your career. Finally, you must also prepare to answer questions about your availability and your salary expectations. 


* Source: Capital


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