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Welcome to Highline – Explore Exciting Urban Design and Landscape Design Jobs in Sydney!

If you’re seeking a career that immerses you in the realm of urban and landscape design in Sydney, you’ve come to the right place! Highline is a renowned recruitment agency dedicated to connecting talented professionals like you with extraordinary urban design and landscape design opportunities. Whether you’re an experienced urban designer with a flair for shaping vibrant public spaces or a fresh graduate eager to contribute to the city’s aesthetic, Highline is here to assist job seekers of all levels.

What makes Highline stand out? We understand the nuances of urban planning, landscape architecture, and the importance of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing environments. Founded by a team of architects turned recruiters, we are committed to comprehending your skills and aspirations, aligning you with the most prestigious job openings, and guiding you on a fulfilling and rewarding career journey in the realm of urban and landscape design.


Discover a multitude of exciting job opportunities that span urban planning, landscape design, and public space enhancement. From crafting sustainable urban landscapes to conceptualizing innovative design solutions, Highline offers a diverse range of positions that contribute to Sydney’s evolving urban fabric.


Take the next step towards your dream urban design and landscape design career in the stunning city of Sydney with Highline. Let your career soar to unparalleled heights, where you can leave a lasting impact on the city’s design aesthetic and create spaces that enrich the lives of its residents for generations to come!


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