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Welcome to Highline – Elevate Your Career in Interior Design in New York City!
If you’re on the quest for a career that embodies the essence of luxury interior design, your search ends here! Highline is a prestigious recruitment agency dedicated to connecting talented professionals like you with exclusive interior design opportunities in the dynamic city of New York. Highline is here to assist job seekers of all levels.

 What sets Highline apart ? Founded by a team of architects who understand that luxury interior design demands an intricate blend of sophistication, creativity, and attention to detail, we are committed to understanding your skills and aspirations, aligning you with prestigious job openings and guiding you on a fulfilling and rewarding career journey.


Discover a plethora of exciting interior design job opportunities. From luxury residences to designing exclusive commercial spaces exuding elegance and everything in between, Highline offers a diverse range of positions in the interior design domain.


Take the next step towards your dream interior design career in the refined city of London with Highline. Let your creativity soar to unparalleled heights, where you can leave your mark on interiors that redefine high-end living with timeless elegance!


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