Can the workspace increase your teams’ well-being at work?

Can the workspace increase your
teams’ well-being at work?

Successful leaders know that well-being at work is not just a personal and individual consideration but a key business strategy.

Our salary guide report published in January 2021 highlighted the work environment as the second most important reason for architectural job seekers to join a new employer. We pose the question: can the workspace increase your team’s well-being at work?


Ensure a great workplace. To have a positive impact on employee happiness and efficiency, we need to rethink the workplace. Over the last few years, working from home has completely transformed the way we work. Always connected to our responsibilities, the physical office is not as significant as it used to be.

Think work as an activity. A wide range of opportunities in terms of work environment and working style emerge from this new perception. These changes have completely transformed our interactions at work as we move beyond the framework of the traditional office. Now, work is no longer limited to a specific place as it is an activity.

Promote global access. We also have adopted a hybrid work-from-home system, and by joining the Spaces community early in the lockdown, Highline now has access to over 3,000 great workspaces all around the World. We are therefore now fully equipped to meet the needs of our global clients and attract future talent.

Rethinking space design as a means of innovation

Choose a lifestyle. Job seekers are looking for more than just a job. It is even more essential to take the time to understand their goals, aspirations and motivations, which remain key to the values of the architectural agency they will join.

Collaborate with your teams. One key question we ask talented architects looking to develop their careers is how they perceive themselves in work. We soon realise that more than a job, more than a position, they look at their personal brand within their office and how this aligns with their career goals. Workspaces respond to these requirements by continuing to evolve in terms of teams collaborate and manage projects.

Ask the right questions. Success is not achieved through the wizardry of nothingness but through the renewal of thought in a setting that encourages collaboration and sharing ideas. Well-designed offices enable us to think outside the box, allowing us to ask the real questions that are fundamental to the well-being of our employees:

How can we develop our team in their work and make them fulfilled? How can we empower them to challenge themselves in their work and be proud of it? How can we let them reach their full potential in the best possible way?


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