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Advice for non-UK
Architects struggling to
find work in London

London has high levels of incomers and a hugely diverse population. Therefore it is a much easier place to get work than most cities. A look around any London work force will show you that people from anywhere can make it.

As people who filter incoming CV’s the most common mistake we see from foreign workers is that many non-UK Architects mistakenly promote themselves as Architects and as such are mistakenly seeking jobs as Architects in the UK.

The title of Architect is protected in the UK (and requires completion of the Part 3 Exam and registration with the ARB), but isn’t protected in many other places. It is therefore important to identify yourself correctly when seeking a job in the UK (or indeed any country you are looking for a job in) – otherwise it instantly raises questions about someone’s understanding of that country’s system.

Presumably if an applicant has passed the Part 3 Exam it would be on their CV, and consequently writing Architect but having no Part 3 / Registration is not a good start when looking for a job.

For foreign workers who are not registered as Architects in the UK our advice on job hunting would be first change your title (not to claim to be an Architect), and to look for jobs for which they are qualified for (Part 1/2 Assistants, Stage I/II Assistants, Architectural Assistant, etc.), and to then qualify by taking the Part 3 Exam before seeking jobs as Architects.

If you are not a UK Architect but seeking an Architect’s job in the UK then you instantly fail to meet the jobs criteria; but if you promote yourself correctly and seek the right jobs then your CV will be judged alongside similarly qualified persons – and then once working you can demonstrate your skills and abilities when carrying out tasks, but the most important thing in getting a job is getting an interview which means getting details on your application right and showing you are competent to work in the UK.

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