born to BIM alive

Founded in 2015 in the city of London by Alan Sampson, Highline is now a hybrid team of trained architects and experienced recruiters.

With this common passion for construction, the group has rapidly developed internationally thanks to its network of architects and talent hunters who are the strength of the business today.  


We help talented architects, designers and engineers find jobs at award-winning companies in the UK, France and more increasingly globally.

green by highline

Fascinated by the world of tomorrow, we have created Green by Highline thanks to which we are fully invested in the ecological transition by promoting employment in sustainable construction and environmental engineering. You can also become a key player in sustainable construction by using our services.

International Access

Meeting people and developing long-term relationships are the keys to our success.


By becoming a member of the Spaces community, Highline now has access to over 3,000 great workspaces around the world. We are therefore now fully equipped to meet your international needs!

We are ultra-connected

Do you have questions or need advice? The Highline team makes sure to listen to you on many social platforms to serve you as well as possible!


In order to get to know you, we appreciate having the opportunity to meet you, whether by phone, in person or by video-call.


So don’t hesitate to book your interview with a recruiter when you apply!

Personal Approach

We are aware of the implication that a recruitment process requires and make sure to offer a personalised approach.


Whether you are an agency looking for talent or a jobseeker, we take the time to get to know you and understand your needs by meeting with you individually.

We also know how important it is for you to be discreet. We therefore never communicate your documents or your identity without having received your prior consent.

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