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The portfolio is an essential component of architects’ and designers’ application, gathering plans and other graphic elements presenting your projects. For this reason, it is often heavy.

1. Why reduce the size of the portfolio as much as possible ?

Most applications today are made by e-mail. If your portfolio is a very heavy document, you will not be able to insert it as an attachment and will have to use another method like: google drive, dropbox, wetransfer etc. However, all these possibilities have a major flaw, as they force the recruiter to perform several actions to download and finally consult your portfolio.

You might as well say that a recruiter who receives hundreds of applications for the same position will not do it. The golden rule when you apply is to make the recruiter’s task as easy as possible. Both the portfolio and the CV should be sent as an attachment to the e-mail, and the whole should not exceed 10 MB.

Indeed, all mailboxes have size limits for the files that can be received and they are not always the same. Having documents that are too large means taking the risk that they will never be received.

5 Mb is the maximum size to be sure that your portfolio is received

2. Good practices when creating the portfolio

When you create your document, whether you are using Adobe InDesign or another software, only use non-vectorised images, in jpeg for example. A non-vectorised file contains much less information, it is translated into pixels, and is, therefore, less heavy. The addition of all the images will be much less heavy !

It is also important to select both the projects and the images presenting them, a portfolio should be no more than 15 pages long. You can falso read our tips to create a good portfolio.


Only 26% of applications are downloaded *

3.  Once the portfolio is finished

Once finalised, it remains too big ? There are free websites that allow you to compress PDFs such as: “PDF escape”, “I love PDF” or even “Small PDF”, our favourite. Make sure that the images will not lose too much quality during compression. By following these tips, your portfolio can be attached to your emails and land in recruiters’ mailboxes without any problems !


* Source : Tilkee for jobs

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