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5 tips for a successful
video interview

Video interviews via Skype, Zoom or other videoconferencing systems are now increasingly used because companies and employees have had to adapt to working from home during confinement linked to coronavirus. Here are our 5 tips for a successful video interview.

1. Preparation

Video interviews should be approached in the same way as regular interviews. Preparation is crucial! Take the time to research the company and the person conducting the interview. Make sure you know how to present your CV and portfolio. You will present your career history and your experiences by video, it is all the more important to be confident and concise.  

The number of daily Zoom users exploded to more than 200 million in March, up from a maximum of 10 million previously. *

2. Testing, one, two !

Give it a try with someone you know. It would be embarrassing not to be able to conduct the interview because of technical issues! Test the quality of your internet connection, the quality of the video and sound quality, as well as the lighting of the place where you will be interviewed. Finally, try to share your documents during the call to make sure there are no bugs or that the files are not too large.


3. Be aware of you and your surroundings

It is obviously more difficult to make a good first impression via a video interview than face to face, so put the odds on your side. Dress professionally and think about your location and what will be visible behind you. Locked down with your children? Find a quiet space to focus on the interview. Little tip during a video interview, have your notes with you, just remember to check that they are out of view of the camera.

70% increase in the number of Skype users since last month. **

4. The interview

The process of the interview does not change. Read our tips for a successful interview. However, during the video interview, communication becomes the most crucial point. Speak slowly and clearly because there are sometimes delays in the video connection. Check that you are using the same document as your contact, this will allow fluidity in the exchange on projects. You can simply indicate the page numbers. Or, the other possibility is to present your portfolio by performing a screen sharing. So you will be sure that your interviewer follows your presentation with the right document in front of you. Be present, smile and don’t be afraid to show your personality.


5. The follow up

In the same way as face-to-face interviews, it is essential to follow up after the interview. If you are going through a recruitment consultant, call them or send them an email after the interview to give them your comments on the job, the company and your feelings about the interview. If you applied directly, follow up by email to thank the interviewer(s) and let them know how interested you are in the job.


By taking the time to properly prepare your video interviews, they can be as successful as physical interviews. Recruitment strategies and hiring are essential to business growth. Starting the process through video interviews allows companies to get a head start before returning to the office.


* Source : marketwatch

** Source : reuters


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