Highline - 2022 Salary guide in architecture and construction - France
2022 Salary guide - France
architecture & construction

Five years ago, the Highline team in France decided to conduct an annual comparative architectural and construction salary study and share the results with you.
This process was created to help you determine your position in the current job market and to facilitate your search for a new position or your recruitment needs. With this transparency in mind, we hope that this reduces the gender pay gap in order to improve the labour market.

Once again this year, we are delighted to present to you the 2022 edition of the salary guide in architecture and construction, the results of which were collected between September and October 2021. More than ever, we think it is particularly interesting to compare the results obtained from one year to the next, due to the global covid crisis that has shaken the market recently.

Please download the 2022 edition of the architecture and construction salary guide in PDF format below. 

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