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Highline Paris - CONSEILS - Les 4 éléments à savoir sur LinkedIn pour créer votre profil
The 4 things to know
about LinkedIn to
create your profile

Is being on LinkedIn useful? LinkedIn is the number 1 professional social network. It has multiple interests. You can of course stay in touch with your professional network and develop it. Fond of this network, recruiters will be able to contact you about suitable opportunities. You will have a professional presence on the net, in case the recruiter does a search on you before or after the interview. You will also be able to monitor your sector of activity and know everything about the latest news. 

What you need to know before embarking on the creation of your LinkedIn profile (or to improve it) 

1. LinkedIn is the first professional social network, we said professional. Your content must therefore be linked to your activity or to the world of work. There is no question here of spreading your personal life or your last holiday pics. In the same way, your profile photo must be a portrait of you on a neutral background. We have to see your face, try to smile. It is neither an artistic photo nor the photo taken during your last night out with friends. For better quality, choose the format of 450×450 pixels. A profile with photo and 14 times more viewed than a profile without. It inspires confidence!

A profile with a photo is viewed over 14 times that a profile without

2. Unlike the CV, which must be concise and fit on one or two pages, On LinkedIn you can expand each experience as this could open doors to new opportunities. You don’t have to select the information you want to highlight and can create a complete profile. You can leave your internships and develop the activities or extra commitments that you have outside of your working time. Do you participate in architectural competitions? Or have you been published? All this must be highlighted in the category of achievements.

The cover photo is also another visual space that can tell a little more about you. Do not leave the standard image of LinkedIn and personalize with an image linked to your company if you are in the post and corporate genre, or an image linked to your universe: the architecture that you appreciate, a quote presenting your vision of the work etc. 

3. Search on LinkedIn is semantic, that is to say that it is interested in keywords. When you create your profile, it is therefore important to place a maximum of keywords related to your activity and to the position you occupy or seek. You will have more chances to stand out in recruiters’ searches!

First, look at the title. This can be up to 120 characters. If you are employed, this is your job title and the name of the company you work for. If you are looking for a job, put the name of the position you are targeting and why not add “looking for” or “listening”. Be as specific as possible. For example, favour “Architect – project manager” over “architect”, or even “project manager” who could make you stand out in search for other sectors.

In the same way, for the summary, only the first 2000 characters are displayed directly. It is therefore necessary to place a maximum of keywords at the beginning of the text. For your experiences, detail your missions in a synthetic but precise way in bullet points. 

40% of users visit LinkedIn every day.

4. Linkedin is a social network. That means it’s not just about creating your profile and waiting. You have to be active and reactive!


Connect throughout your career to gradually expand your network. Do not hesitate to recommend the skills of your colleagues, in general, they will return the favour! Similarly, when you leave a company, ask your line manager for a recommendation. All this will complete your profile and support your future applications. You can also follow companies that interest you and stay on top of their activity and a future job offer. 


Bonus – The devil is in the detail!  Personalise your url to put your first and last name, you will be more than just a number!


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