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How to negotiate your
salary in 3 steps?

While speaking with candidates looking for a new position, we have noticed that they often take advantage of this change to obtain a better salary. Sometimes the salary increase is even the main motivation. What about a request for an internal increase?


In this article, we are going to give you some keys to optimize your chances of getting a raise in your salary.

To request a raise, you will need to arrange a meeting with your boss or the HR manager, or make your request during the annual interview. In both cases, these are planned meetings, so there is no question of going there without having prepared it! This interview is a negotiation, so you need to put together an argument proving why you deserve this increase.


Start by making lists. List your achievements and accomplishments, list the missions you have carried out and which went beyond their initial job description, list the situations that prove your investment. For example: This year I completed and delivered such and such a phase on such and such a project. In addition, on this project I ensured site meetings during the leave of the project manager. To ensure the projects in progress and to ensure the follow-up of the site, I worked so many overtime. If you can, quantify your results. Figures when they are right are harder to refute. They will make your pitch irrefutable.

8.5% increase corresponds to one month's additional remuneration per year

Know your worth. Try to step back and discover your added value. What do you bring to the agency? It could be a double degree, a contribution to research, a double competence in BIM etc. Position yourself in relation to the other architects of the company. What do you bring to the team? It is you who train new employees in the agency’s methodology, or it is always you that we come to see for a regulatory or technical question, etc.


Find out about the market, and the salary scales used, so you can make a feasible request and appear more credible. You will need to know how to say a number with confidence. However, we advise you to think of a range: what minimum wage do you want to achieve and what maximum wage is possible. This will allow you to be open in negotiation and not set on a single price.


These few tips should help you prepare for this interview. Go ahead confident, remember that the worst that can happen is refusal. Try to come away from the negotiation having obtained something. If a salary increase is not possible at the moment, negotiate training, a new IT tool, flexible schedules, etc.


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